Free Credit Report

Credit reports are numerical interpretations of one’s financial records that readily enable an individual to get a loan easily. Good reports can be really effective in sanctioning a loan easily. Financial organizations tend to depend on these records while determining the loans to be sanctioned. A free credit report from the Government can be available annually.

Customers are guaranteed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act to receive their credit reports for free from the major credit score generating companies. Several complaints have been lodged that reveal the fact that an individual is required to pay a fee in order to receive the credit score. Thus a free credit report from Government is now offered in order to ensure that an individual receives an annual report of credit scores absolutely free of any cost.

The is the only website that possesses the authority to generate a free annual credit score to an individual. An individual can just call 1-877-322-8228 and request for a free credit report from the Government. Another way to request for a credit report is to mail the Annual Credit Report form to Annual Credit Report Request Service, P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348-5281. It actually does not matter how the request has been made. One can request all the reports at a time or separately. By requesting separately it is likely to monitor the reports more frequently.

Free credit report is required for any application made for employment, credit, insurance or for a house rent. Thus this information must be accurate and should be kept up to date. At least once in every twelve months this report should be verified in order to prevent any kind of identity theft or an unauthorized activity.

If there is any kind of suspicious and unidentified information in a free credit report, it is strongly recommended to inform the authorities immediately. In any case of identity theft an individual must report without any delay and file a complaint to the police and to the respective authorities. A website has been issued by the Federal Trade Commission regarding identity theft. A detailed what-to-do can be thus obtained in case of identity theft.

A free credit report is generally produced by software programs that evaluate through the report vividly. It thoroughly generates a score determining the past records of an individual. The records include the amount of a loan borrowed in the past and checks whether the borrower has made his payments as promised within the stipulated time.

The scores from the free credit report do not interpret the approval of a particular loan. It is an evaluation of certain numerical assessment of the past transactions. Different money lenders set different parameters to sanction a loan. If the score of an individual matches and fulfils the requirement of an organization, the loan can be eventually sanctioned by the respective money lending authority. Thus the free credit report from the Government plays the most efficient and important role in case of any financial transactions.