Free Credit Score Report

The most familiar term that is heard million of times when applying for a loan is a credit score. Now what exactly is a credit score? What is its content?

A credit score is a numerical assessment of an individual’s past records regarding financial and monetary transactions involving the loans and debts related to him. There are a lot of major companies out in the market ready to assess one’s detailed credit report. These organizations are known to produce a detailed report of credit score which ensures an individual the condition where he belongs before applying for a loan.

A free credit score report can be availed at Any individual opted for credit must possess a credit score. Credit reports include a detailed list of one’s financial history. The report produced is a basis of determining the sanction of a new loan. A credit report speaks on behalf of an individual. A good score is obviously a good certification that signatures a person to be punctual and responsible for his debt clearance.

The reports generally contain almost the whole information related to a particular client. However, the information regarding one’s personal interests and hobbies is generally not included in the credit reports. Full name along with the social security number, birth date, and history related to employment are specified in the report. A free credit score report elaborates the details on the credit information of an individual. The details generally include the persons to whom the money is owed to, the amount of loan remaining along with the relevant history of the loans.

The credit score stores the date and time when a person requests and enquires for the credit score analysis. The enquiries can be classified into two – namely the hard and the soft. The hard copy relates to the person applying for the respective credit. The soft copy, on the other hand, refers to the enquiry made by the respective financial organization offering a credit to the client.

The free credit score report also includes the mentioning if there has been a situation where the loan without repayment has been forwarded to the respective debt collector. The fact that should be kept at the back of the head is that the outcome of a credit score report must possess a positive feedback about a person’s financial behavior. Otherwise it is indeed difficult to apply for a loan and stand confidently in the market of money lending.

Certain information on public records like the bankruptcies, attachments of wages, lawsuits, foreclosure etc. can also be added by the credit reporting agency. Information related to the overdue debts from the agencies responsible for debt collection is effectively put up in a credit report. A detailed free credit score report can be accessed by simply logging in to This is the only website where the Government offers an annual report of one’s credit score absolutely without any charge. Since the data in one’s credit report might vary from one company to the other, it is advisable to request the report from each of the major brands so that a comparison can be effectively made.